2 Sisters Food Group could pay compensation of more than £1M if the equal pay claim lodged by our solicitors proves successful

Have you worked for 2 Sisters Food Group?

  • 2 Sisters are a massive and profitable company but factories are closing and disputes over pay and terms and conditions are common place. Pay Justice is running a campaign to assist low paid women working at 2 Sisters gain any entitlements to fair pay, including back pay
  • Low paid women working in the UK have fought back against unfair pay and have successfully won thousands of pounds in back pay. This is a direct result of claiming their legal rights to be paid as men doing work of “equal value”.
  • Anyone working for 2 Sisters is also entitled to fully legal pay. The law on equal pay is complicated but Pay Justice and our specialist legal partners exist to help overcome any barriers and will help you access your legal rights, changing your and your colleagues pay and you helping to claim entitlement to up to 6 years back pay potentially worth thousands.