• q-iconDo you think you are being paid fairly by 2 Sisters Food Group?

    2 Sisters food group is a massively profitable company but offering low pay and low pay rises. Pay Justice is running a campaign to assist low paid women currently (or recently) employed by 2 Sisters to gain their entitlements to be paid the same as men doing work of “equal value” but who are currently earning much more.

  • q-iconHow much money might you have lost?

    Low paid women working in roles such food production, catering and cleaning throughout the UK have successfully fought back against unfair pay and won both pay rises and thousands of pounds in back pay. These claims continue even if a factory closes. Please contact us to find out how much money you might be entitled to.

  • q-iconCan Men make a claim?

    Equal pay law applies to men as well as women. It is possible that men may be able to claim equal pay too. If low paid women win a pay rise then any men doing the same work are also legally entitled to the same pay rise. Successful claims can be backdated for up to 6 years. Please contact us to see if we can help you claim pay rise and back pay

  • q-iconHow can Pay Justice help you?

    Pay Justice can help you access your legal rights, get you fair pay, including potentially to up to 6 years back pay, potentially worth thousands.

    You can make a claim up to 6 months of leaving 2 Sisters. Any claim you make will definitely not affect any of your rights to redundancy pay in any way.

2 Sisters is a massive company employing over 20 000 people and with annual revenues of over £ 3 BILLION.

Pay Justice is aware that there are many low paid women working for 2 Sisters who could be entitled to claim equal pay with men who are doing work of equal value but paid more. We are keen to help any women who are currently working for 2 Sisters or who have in the last 6 years. If low paid women are successful in making a claim, men doing the same work as the low paid women will also be able to claim fair pay.

Not everyone is paid badly by 2 Sisters, its owner, Ranjit Singh Boparan, has an estimated personal fortune of £190 Million!