Now we have the Disney Princesses on our side

In case you missed the pretty widespread coverage, a well produced and fun youtube video is helping to wade in to raise increased awareness of the scandal of unequal pay , especially for an American audience.

The fact that it was covered in the UK press despite its US focus is testament to its impact.

The video has been produced by Jenny Joslin and Annette Mia Flores from production company Texpats and has admirable production values. As with many youtubes videos, a reading of the comments page is a somewhat scary insight into people’s attitudes when expressed anonymously. With attitudes like some is it any wonder that women raise complaints of direct discrimination and refuse to accept feministic critiques are “old hat”.

We viewed the video soon after our discussions with American “pay coach”, Katie Donovan. The video similarly has a focus on direct discrimination and negotiation issues, seen as core to the analysis of the US situation.

We will leave the more extensive analysis of Disney princesses and their role in gender politics to others (I have been reprimanded by family by reading far to much into the narrative arcs of Toy Story 3) but we liked it and hope the 215 000 plus views on you tube grow and grow.

I’m also personally looking forward to getting Wonder Woman on the case, then we know there would be some b#tts kicked (which for many would equal being encouraged to make an equal pay claim).

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