Documents relating to your job

Leigh Day will require copies of some of your documents. You can either:

  • 1

    Upload via PC, Laptop or iphone/smartphone

    Scan or take a photo of the documents and upload them to this site using the file upload buttons on this page. Don't have a scanner? Why not use your iphone/smart phone to take pictures of the documents and then upload by visiting this page on your phone.

  • 2

    Email to

    Scan or take a photo of the documents send them as attachments via email to

  • 3

    Post to Leigh Day

    Post them to Leigh Day and they will return them once they have created photo copies of them. The address is: Leigh Day, Priory House, 25 St John's Lane, London, EC1M 4LB.

Leigh Day require copies of any documents you have in your possession, including any:

  • Letter of Appointment
  • Contract(s) of Employment
  • Job Description
  • Letters about changes to your contract, pay, hours or conditions of employment
  • P60s for the last 6 years
  • 3 most recent payslips

If you do not have all of the above documents, please do not worry, send Leigh Day the information you do have.
If you are unable to provide copies, please send the original documents. Leigh Day will make a copy of the documents and return the originals to you.
Whilst it is important to have a copy of all relevant documents, any outstanding information can be sent to Leigh Day at a later date. We therefore advise that if all the documents are not readily available that you send as many documents as you can to Leigh Day. Please send Leigh Day further information when it becomes available to you.