ASDA Staff Are Claiming Thousands of £s in Back Pay.

After Asda workers major step forward at employment tribunal (Brierley v Asda Judgement, 14/10/16), thousands more are joining the equal pay claim. Why not join them?

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  • The law on equal pay for men and women is very clear. Not only should men and women be paid the same for the same job but also they should be paid the same for doing work of EQUAL VALUE.
  • The claim is that work in the stores is of equal value with jobs done by men in the distribution centers earning much more. Therefore they can potentially claim up to 6 years of lost pay (this is disputed by ASDA).
  • Many potential current claims are for over £10, 000 or about £1,700 for every year worked at ASDA (up to the maximum of 6 years).
  • Our legal partners, Leigh Day, are currently representing hundreds of ASDA store workers. Why not join them?
Lauren Lougheed

Following the comparability hearing in June we have now received the judgment from the employment tribunal and are very pleased to confirm that we won. Employment Judge Ryan decided that store workers can compare themselves to depot workers which is the first step in winning the Equal Pay claim.

Employment Judge Ryan was not persuaded by Asda’s argument that store workers cannot compare themselves with depot workers because they are in different locations and have different pay arrangements. Asda also failed to convince the employment tribunal that there is an organisational split between distribution and retail and that they are managed separately.

This is the first of three main issues that the employment tribunal has to decide. The next stage will be for the employment tribunal to consider whether the work that store workers do is of equal value to the work done by the depot workers. In order to do this the employment tribunal will usually appoint an independent expert to evaluate the jobs undertaken. The expert will also prepare a report which will state whether the jobs are equal or not.  If they are we will succeed on the next stage in the employment tribunal claim.

Lauren Lougheed Leigh Day, Solicitors Representing Asda Workers

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