Frequently Asked Questions

Will Brexit affect my claim?

  • q-iconWill the claims definitely win?

    In our view, and that of our legal advisors, the case for extra pay for store workers is strong. ASDA dispute the claim and are contesting the current tribunal proceedings so no promises can be made. Remember however, that if the claims don’t win, then there is no cost to you.

  • q-iconCan men also make a pay claim?

    Yes definitely. If the women’s claims are successful then men can then claim equality with those women – a “piggy back” claim.

  • q-iconWhat ASDA jobs are included?

    This current campaign is for all store workers. You can not claim if you work at a distribution center

  • q-iconWill the claims cost me money?

    Our legal partners, Leigh Day, are running this claim on a “no win no fee” basis. Their legal representation is funded by a percentage of any back pay they win for you. If you agree to Leigh Day representing you they will explain the terms and ask you to sign an agreement with them. The figures we quote are estimates after their fees have been deducted.

  • q-iconWhat about people who have now left ASDA?

    Anyone who has worked in the last 6 years can make a claim

  • q-iconWho are Pay Justice?

    We are a specialist company committed to helping people get their legal rights to fair pay. We are formally registered with the Ministry of Justice as a “Claims Management Company. Our work is also funded as part of legal fees.

  • q-iconWill I get in any trouble?

    You have full legal rights and very full legal protection when making a claim for equality and fairness. Additionally, these are claims being made by large numbers of workers and there is even more safety in numbers. The claims will be dealt with as a group at Head Office and not in local stores. Your only risk could be losing out on thousands of pounds by not making a claim.

  • q-iconWhen will I get my money?

    Claims can take a long time so it may well be months or even a few years. Ask anything else or tel 0161 883 3661

  • q-iconHow is Pay Justice paid?

    We are paid by the Solicitors, Leigh Day, who represent you in court. Pay Justice will never ask claimants for money. The only scenarios in which claimants will incur any cost from the Solicitors are if the claim is successful, or if the DBA is terminated more than 14 days after signing.

  • q-iconCould I incur any other costs if the claim isn’t successful?

    If you decide to end this agreement after a period of 14 after signing your DBA, you agree to pay your share of the Solicitors’ charges- which will be calculated based on the hours incurred by them. If you decide to cancel before the end of this 14-day period, you will not incur any other costs if the claim isn’t successful

Will Brexit affect my claim?

Possibly at some stage, but not immediately. The equal pay claims Leigh Day are bringing against Asda are based on both domestic and European law. While negotiations are taking place about leaving the European Union, the law has not changed, and so your claim remains as it was before the EU referendum.

When article 50 is triggered, with the consequence that the UK does leave the EU, Treaty articles, along with European Regulations and Directives (including those on equal pay) will cease to have legal effect to any claim brought in England and Wales (such as these equal pay claims). The national laws that England and Wales have passed, such as the Equality Act 2010, which in part implement European Treaty articles and European directives, will currently remain in force. Are there any steps I can take? Leigh Day will keep you updated about any developments, including anything that affects the merits of your claim (anything that makes your claim either more or less likely to win).

Who are Pay Justice?

We believe the current UK gender pay gap is wrong.

  • Pay Justice have the expertise, knowledge and track record to help you make a claim. Pay expertise should be in the hands of employees, not just employers.
  • Pay Justice is committed to helping you claim your rights. We aim to provide the tools, information and expert advice to enable you to overcome the barriers to making equal pay claims.
  • Pay Justice are passionate about helping employees claim equal pay. The law relies on individuals making equal pay claims

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